Intel HD Graphics Driver is a suite of drivers and software that helps keep graphics processes running and boost performance in games and applications for personal computers running on an Intel processor. Use the link on this page to download the free Intel HD Graphics Driver official version.

The package includes drivers

  • Intel Graphic Driver - The main driver, designed to properly display applications and installed games.
  • Intel Display Audio Driver is for correctly displaying audio.
  • Intel Media SDK Runtime - a development package that includes support for hardware acceleration for video encoding, decoding, and processing.
  • Intel OpenCL Driver - Driver and library packages that include debugging and analysis tools.
  • Vulkan Runtime Installer - a set of libraries that improve performance in games and applications that use the Vulkan API.
  • Intel Graphics Command Center - Easy-to-use software for increasing performance and controlling graphics settings.

It is suitable for the Windows platform.

Options and features of Intel HD Graphics Driver

  • increased driver installation speed;
  • acceleration tools;
  • you can choose any language;
  • work with DirectX and OpenGL modifications;
  • rollback to previous version;
  • installation of the Intel Driver Support Assistant utility;
  • support for next-generation motherboards;
  • regular software updates.

How to install the application

Follow the link on this page and download the installation file. Run it and wait for the program to fully install. Once the program is fully installed, its shortcut appears on your desktop. Open the application and start working.


Intel HD Graphics Driver is a must-have set of drivers for proper and complete operation of your Intel processor-based PC. There are generic drivers for PCs based on these processors, but installing the full and latest versions allows for optimal performance, stability, and minimizes problems with your PC system.